Health Complaints

For complaints listed below, please contact the Pelvic Physical Therapist.
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Urological problems
            –      Urine incontinence
–      Almost irrepressible urge to urinate
–      Inability to urinate properly
–      Too frequent urination
–      Often having a bladder infection

Prostate problems
          –      Information on prostate surgery
–      Problems after prostate surgery
–      Chronic pain to the prostate (prostatitis)

Bowel problems
          –      Loss of stool or fluid
–      Loss of flatulence
–      Almost irrepressible urge to defecate
–      Constipation, difficulty may lose stool
–      Feeling not empty after defecating

Gynecological problems
–      Consequences of (slight) prolapse of the bladder, uterus or intestines
–      Complaints arising after prolapse surgery
–      Risk of chances to help preventing prolapse again

Aches and pains
          –      Abdominal pain
–      Tailbone pain, coccygodynia, occur after a fall (long ago) or after childbirth
–      Pain that arises after surgeries in the abdomen
–      Pain in the pelvic floor, genitals or anus cramp
–      Pelvic pain
–      Lower back pain mostly with pelvic complaints
–      Saddle-soreness

Sexological problems
          –      Pain during sex regarding both men and women
–      Not able to have intercourse, for ‘being locked’
–      Premature ejaculation