The treatment will begin with an introductory meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to get a good idea of the complaints. A physical examination is performed. Then a treatment plan is made. The treatment plan is always made in consultation with the patient.

Treatment usually consists of a combination of treatment methods. If the position of the pelvis is different or if there is an abnormal position of the tailbone (coccyx), this will be treated first (see NIMOC).

Further the function of the pelvic floor is explained and stool advice is given. Often we will teach to tighten as well as relax both the abdomen, buttocks as well as the pelvic floor muscles. We also  use of trigger point therapy, respiratory therapy, how to use the pelvic floor consciously, coordination training of the pelvic floor, posture correction, stretching and stability training.

The Pelvic Physical therapist can support the treatment internally. This is done to support the examination or treatment, using devices such as myofeedback, electrostimulation or other tools such as balloon training. These methods are used primarily to learn the patient how to learn and feel about muscle groups or functions. We use high demands for hygiene and privacy. This treatment is only performed if there is a clear reason: never unexpectedly and only when directed and authorized by the patient. The internal treatment is carried out through the anus or the vagina.

The treatment appoinments are usually every 2 to 3 weeks. After each treatment you will receive advice and / or excercises to do at home. Sometimes you get questionnaires that can done at home.

What to do when you come to the first treatment

            – carry a valid identity or driver license

            – additional insurance: look at the terms and conditions of your insurance with respect to (pelvical)

              physical therapy

            – take the referral of your doctor or specialist (if you received one) with you

            – please bring a large towel