Pelvical Therapy and insurance
To get reimbursed for the treatment by your health insurance, you must be insured for additional Physical Therapy. The basic insurance in 2011 reminbursed 9 Pelvical Physical Therapy treatments for urine incontinence annually (depending on you health insurance). The bill you first have to pay yourself.
The cost for children up to 18 years will be paid by the basic insurance.
The number of treatments and the amount renumerated by the insurer is different for each additional insurance. we recommend you to check this prior to your treatment.

There is an agreement with all insurers. The bill will be submitted directly to your insurar at the rate agreed in the contract. Patients who are not additionally insured or are not insured for enough treatment pay € 47,50 per Pelvical Physical therapy session, which is half an hour.
If you don’t show up for an appointment, or if the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, the treatment will be charged. 

How does referral works ?
Patients who qualify for Pelvical Physical therapy can be referred by GPs, medical specialists: urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, proctologists, sexologists, pediatricians and internists. Or proposal by psychologist, midwives or incontinence nurses.
You may also call on your own intiative or come to our practice without reference (see direct access).