Video of 3rd Coccyx Symposium Munich june 2021

Sytske gives a lecture on the position of the coccyx . She can be seen and heard from the start until 39:43

and a panel discussion/case report

Publication in Nataal; professional magazine for pre-and postnatal care

Date: edition June 2020d

Watch your coccyx! (15:00)

Monday 27th of August 2018

After a fall from the stairs or something goes wrong during a delivery your coccyx can give you a lot of pain. For some people this is a start of a long and painful journey. Unnecessary because, and only few GP’s and physiotherapists know this, the coccyx can be very mildly treated according to pelvic physiotherapist Sytske Lohof.



2nd Coccyx Symposium Dordrecht
29 and 30 june 2018

2nd Coccyx Symposium in Dordrecht
Introduction Carrie Cushion

Masterclass 28-6-2018



Poster presentation of Kyoma Wang
A poster presentation from the thesis of the “Non-Invasive Mobization of the Coccyx” (NIMOC).
The outcome measures (N=148) T0 and T1 from pain during palpation of the os coccyx (NPRS), the finger bottom distance (VBA) and the Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR). A final assignment from her master of manuel therapy of the Hoogeschool in Utrecht.


The 8th World congress on controversies in Neuroly 2014 Berlijn
During “The 8th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology, May 8-11, 2014, Berlin, Germany”, I was allowed to give an e-poster presentation. The e-poster contained information about the case report that I wrote for my master Pelvic Physcial therapy. see under Rehabilitation.

ICS-IUGA congres 2014 Nunspeet
During the post ICS IUGA congres in 2014 I received the “best abstract price” by dr. Bary Berghmans. They paid for me to go to a World congress of the ICS or IUGA.



Publicatation in “Conti-nu”, a magazine for continence nurses and caregivers
In June 2013 an article of mine was published in the magazine Conti-nu, the magazine for continence nurses and caregivers. (page 22).