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Therapy practice “Overwinning”

Pelvic physical therapist Sytske Lohof-Venema wants to inform you on this site of her Pelvic Physical Therapy practice “Overwinning”. The name of the practice is derived from her name, which means victory.

Many patients with pelvic complaints have had symptoms for years before they go to a Pelvic Physiotherapist. Often, the symptoms are life-determining. The goal of practice is to help patients with pelvic complaints overcome their symptoms. It is written; “In Him we are more than conquerors……” May all patients experience this themselves.

The muscles of the lower back, abdomen and pelvis (floor) have a role in posture and movement. In addition, these muscles play an important role when urinating, defecating and making love. Complaints in the area of pelvis, abdomen and pelvic floor occur in both women and men,  and in children, adults and the eldery alike.

We hope that this website informs you well about the Pelvic Practice. If you have any questions, please call or send an e-mail.