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R.S. November 2019

In 2011 I had a car accident and I suffered from a fracture to my tailbone. A long time this was not recognized /noticed by different physicians, specialists, so I carried on too long. My chiropractor finally recommended Sytske. I was very pleasantly surprised she was able to fairly simply mobilise my tailbone in the right position. I could not believe I had been experiencing so much agony and with a simple treatment it was gone. However, the tension in my muscles remained and we are still working on that. It is nothing short of a miracle what Sytske can do in such a short period, especially when using the Sylo-pen. She can treat a large area in a short period of time and I feel a lot better when I leave than when I arrive. The high muscle tension comes back after a while so it was great to find out you can order your own Sylo-pen, which I did. I am very curious what that will bring me. So far Sytske has really helped me and I am very grateful she was able to release me from my tailbone pain.

Marie-Louise, August 2019

Decades ago I injured my tailbone during a fall. After a lot of appointments with a number of doctors, specialists, physiotherapists and an ostheopath who were not able to help me, I ended with a visit to the paincentre of the UMCG in Groningen. All of this did not make any difference in my pain complaints. After hearing a broadcast on radio and television about Sytske Lohof-Venema, I went to see her. After a simple treatment my tailbone has been set in line with the spine again. Afterwords the muscles in the surrounding area had to be treated. A lot of tension was put on those muscles for all the long years the tailbone had been out of line. At this moment I can sit on both buttocks without experiencing any pain! Instead of sitting askew in a chair on only one buttock with all the nasty consequences. Sytske has treated me very well, I am very grateful to her!


Hanneke, July 2019

A year and a half ago I met Sytske. For the last 18 years I had pelvic complaints and since I fell from a stairs about 4,5 years ago I was not able to sit. I had been treated by various therapists but unfortunately this did not have a positive result. A couple of times I heard Sytske’s name and I decided this was the last time I was going to try to get rid of my complaints. Sytske immediately noticed my tailbone was not in line with the spine. After she set the tailbone in line again,  I had a new appointment after 3 weeks.
I could not believe it. In 3 weeks so much changed! I could sleep on my shoulder again, this had not been possible for the last couple of years. I never thought this had to do with my tailbone. My muscles needed to learn to relax again. This took some time but the moment is there. I have made a new appointment in 6 months! I can sit on almost every chair, I can stand up longer, I can ride my mountainbike again (about 15-10km, this may seem not too much, but looking from where I have come, this is a big difference!). To have less pain saves me so much energy! My body is moving flexible again. The only thing that has not changes so much is riding a normal bike. I can sit on the saddle for about 10 minutes (I have tried many different saddles) and after that it gets painful. Hopefully that will change in the future. I am so grateful I have come so far! I really love the name for the practice “victory’. I really believe God is using Sytske as an instrument for my healing and I believe He wants to do that for others as well.

Marietje, February 2019

For 12 years I was not able to sit because my tailbone was hurting so much and I had a terrible pain in my right leg. When I got up the pain immedeately went away. I did everything to get rid of it. I have been everywhere. I had 3 MRI scans, 3 corticosteroid injections, manual therapy, little soles etc. Terrible. After I watched 1Vandaag I went to Sytske at practice Overwinning. She saw my tailbone was askew. At the moment it feels a lot better. I can sit for a short period of time and I will receive treatment in my neighbourhood. I am very pleased!

Carolien,  February 2019

For the last few years I suffered from lower back pain. I was not comfortable when bending forward, lifting the kids and also sitting for a long period of time was not pleasant. Crossing my legs did not feel comfortable either. The complaints were some days worse than others. While talking to a colleague about this, Sytstke was mentioned. Once I got to her practice it became clear that a fall from the stairs, 6 years prior, was the cause of my complaints. My tailbone was askew and caused all the mentioned problems. At the moment my tailbone is in the right position again and it feels as if my body is the way it should be. Sitting, walking, riding a bike feels good. I can even manage sneezing without any urine loss! I never thought that my fall would cause all these problems.  Sytske really made me feel understood. She made me feel quite at home and worked very professionally. Thanks again!

Anouk, January 2019
Before I met Sytske, I was treated by a  lot of different therapists (chiropractor, cesar therapy etc. ) but no treatment really helpend for al longer period of time. I have given birth four times and every now and then I fall from my horse. Pain in my back used to be something that was normal. Consequently all my muscles in my body were tense and, looking back, caused my menstrual and bowel problems.  After the first treatment I thought:”this does not hurt at all!”.  The second day was different but the week after I felt amazing! I sat on my horse for two hours straight, I was ready to take up the world. However, at the end of the afternoon I had so much pain but back in treatment Sytske told me this was just muscle pain. What a relief! After the second treatment I had more muscle pain but not so much as the first time. I can sleep on my stomach again, this is fantastic! I can stretch myself without feeling any pain! I know I still have a long way to go, but I do the excercise with the tennisball every day and I feel so much improvement. I can ride my horse without muscle pain, I am very grateful to have met Sytske! Thanks again! 

Rianne, January 2019

When I was about 10 weeks pregnant I experienced some pain in my hips, had numb buttocks and a very painful pubic bone. During my pregnancy the complaints got worse. I went to two different therapists who helped me control the pain. Nevertheless, after giving birth my complaints got worse again and my physiotherapist said: “I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do for you, I will make a call to practice Overwinning. This has been a fantastic decision. Sytske immedeately knew what to do and which exercises I should do. Stay calm and most importantly….take your time. I am extremely happy to have come into contact with Sytske. After a long time I can live a normal life and do nice and exciting things without having to worry if I will be able to do them. Thanks! PS…the blue pillow is defenitely something I would recommend!

Ingrid, December 2018

After giving birth in November 2017 I experienced a lot of pain to my coccyx. Sitting for al long time, getting up, riding a bike…all was very painful. It caused so much distress I could not completely function. After visiting different therapists (fysio, pelvic etc.) I finally arrived at Sytske. After the first treatment I went home a lot more mobile. After 3 weeks of muscular pain all my complaints have disappeared. A gift!
Greetings, Ingrid

Ellen, November 2018

I want to thank Sytske for her serious and competent approach. Finally I felt heard and understood. Now I am doing well and have the confidence everything will stay this way.

Marleen, March 2016
31 weeks after my pregnancy I got pelvic complaints. I had a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and pubic area, extending to the thighs. These complaints hindered me so much that I could not perform my work as a teacher anymore. I felt miserable. During my pregnancy course I was advised to contact Sytske, an expert in the field of pelvic symptoms during pregnancy. Luckily I could make an appointment with her within 3 days. She found that my tailbone was askew. She treated me according to the NIMOC method. The result was amazing! Immediately after the treatment I walked out of the practice without pain! In advance I never had dreamed that I could teach the last few weeks of my pregnancy at school without pain. Fortunately, it became true! I recommend everyone with pelvic complaints to be treated according to the NIMOC method, because the results are overwhelming!

Mariska, February 2016
For years I had pain in my lower back. I went to the doctor several times who diagnosed that my SI joint jammed regularly. I could do no more than just exercises and I got temporarily Diclofenac for the pain. What a misery: I had turned into a grumpy mother who could not take much anymore from her children. I got angry with them when they left things swinging on the ground again; purely because it was too painful for me to pick it up. I felt like an old woman, but I’m only 32. At my work the pain was getting worse. I often stand and walk a lot. This was a disaster. I had to sit down every 5 minutes or I could stand it no longer. While making dinner I had to switch between sitting and standing at the sink. If I did the exercises that were prescribed, the pain only got worse with the result that I quitted. Sports were no option and when I laid down on the couch in the evening still there was that nagging pain. In short, it determined my life. I had tried everything: even frequent visits to a chiropractor did not help, the pain came back after a week or three after.
When I had a party with colleagues one night it did not seem to work out well for me. At a certain moment the chairs were removed, there had to be room for the dance floor. Well I thought, I might just as well get my coat already, I cannot stand that long. A colleague heard me crying and told me about Sytske. I replied that her treatment was not for me because I have problems with my back and not my rump. Moreover, it did not hurt too much when I sat down. On the contrary, it eased my symptoms. But she insisted and so I decided to look at the website. I could not recognize any of the symptoms that were described regarding an inclined tailbone but I thought: “Let’s give it a try, it will not cause any harm.” I could use all help so I contacted her and took the 3.5 month waiting period for granted. After an interview and some tests Sytske felt if my tailbone was askew. This turned out to be the case indeed. With a painless move from Sytske (I thought: “This is it?”) the treatment was ready. From that moment on a world without pain opened up for me that I had not known for years. I can stand again for a long time. I do not more loan and moan getting out of bed. I can put on my socks again..
Weeks have passed now and an after a daily pain score of 8 to 9 I am now at 2 to 3. My muscles have been strangled for a long time and still need a lot of time to heal, but I have my life back. No longer being grumpy because I am in pain, I can play sports without problems and most importantly, I do not feel like an old woman anymore.
Sytske thanks, you’ve given my life color again.
Greetings, Mariska

Diane, January 2016
After your treatment tonight I feel a lot better and have almost completely spent the rest of the evening sitting; delicious. I have placed an appraisal at Care Card Netherlands but did not know exactly under which category my condition falls. Also I sent a response to the Menzis Facebook page to bring this treatment under their attention so that more people are informed about this and it will be better known. I am very happy and if I can do something else to bring this treatment to people their attention, I will do that with love. Let me know. I have given you a big 10 as appreciation. Again, thank you so much, with a very big hug from me.

Jorian, January 2016
Two weeks before the birth of my second child the complaints around my tailbone started. This was shown by pain while sitting and especially when after sitting down I had to stand up. Also cycling was very painful. Postpartum the pain remained. From the trainer of my Pregnant & Fit group, also a physiotherapist, I understood that my tailbone was possibly crooked because the complaints remained so long after giving birth. She referred me to Sytske Lohof, which I did and have not regretted for a moment. At the first treatment Sytske put my tailbone (painlessly) in place and the difference I felt right after was remarkable. My movements are much smoother, sitting down got much easier, and also cycling was less painful. Now after two treatments and daily exercises at home I am almost pain free. I find it very special that this simple solution is so effective. Great!
Greetings, Jorian

Mariska January 2016
During my pregnancy I was soon unable to walk far without pain. Walking from the car to the classroom of my daughters, my walking became slower and slower. Until I was told by a physiotherapist about Sytske’s practice called ‘the Victory’. They made time for me directly because I was already pregnant four months. At the first treatment my tailbone was put right and I noticed a quick difference at home. I could continue walking without pain. Also I walked smoothly across the schoolyard. My sister told me that her daughter (from the same school) wondered what had happened to me. In her eyes I had walked like an old granny across the schoolyard and now she had seen me walking smoothly again. So, my niece did not know I had been in the Victory practice but she had noticed the difference also.
After giving birth I went back to the practice. I had a hunch that during my labor my tailbone got askew again. That was indeed the case and my tailbone was put straight right again. Now I have no complaints anymore.

W. November 2015
It started 18 years ago after our son was born. Every time I sneezed, coughed, etc. I had a little leakage. I thought, “I need to practice my pelvic floor muscles to make them stronger as was indicated during pregnancy gymnastics”. But the problems remained and this continued for years.
At one point I had pain in the buttocks, after I started running. While running I also lost shoots of urine. All very annoying. The pain was so bad that I decided to stop running. I went to the Physical therapist. This helped me for a moment but after a while it became so bad that I could not even vaccuum the room at once. I got acidification in the buttocks. I tried if Zumba was something but unfortunately it did not work out with such terrible pain.hen I got heel spurs. I’ve tried everything: soles, roll a ball, Physical therapist, shockwave, but it did not stop. We found out that a lot was wrong with my ankle, foot, in my shin and calf. For this, I was treated with dry needling and that is a little better now. 

The complaints of my urine loss continued and I got other problems regarding intimacy. At these moments I also had urination and I was ashamed and broken. I decided to put my embarassment aside and call the doctor. The assistant referred me to the “Overwinning” Pelvical practice. The same afternoon I was put on the waiting list. I felt quite tense; also because of the fact that I had to tell everything about myself regarding a topic that I do not likt to talk about.
I went with trembling knees to the practice but I had worried about nothing because I was very warmly received by Sytske. She was so sweet and it felt so familiair that I wa directly at ease. Sytske heard my story and asked questions of which I thougt, “oh, how could she know all this?” It seemed so familiar, amazing. It was a very nice conservation and she made me at ease. She talked in a very direct manner making the talk very easy. Althouth it was emotionally difficult she was prepared with tissues. Seh also explained that it was not normal that I had once a week or fortnight feces. I was given exercises to do at home that I dutifully did.
The next appointment I had with Sytske I fall back in astonishment. It turned out that my tailbone was very askew. With a painless treatment she put it back on the spot. I noticed all the differences right away. I got back to my exercises. Now I’ve already been a number of times at Sytske and every time I leave in amezement. The complaints in my buttocks arise from the tilt of mu tailbone. The muscles were stretched to one side that will not last for mayn years. My legs, calves and groin, had everything to do with it. Everything was unbalanced and there probably also the bone spurn came from –  all of the right side was in pain. She treats me once every two weeks and it always gets better. I do my exercises dutifully.
I can not express in words how happy and gratefull I am. I now have very little urine loss anymore, my stool has become much better (three times weekly), I have no acidification in my buttock; I hear it still but I have exercise for that, and also being pleasantly intimate is resolved. Really, I can recommend Sytske to anyone. She is so sweet and effectionate, as if you have known her for years. She knows so much in the area of the pelvis and she is so knowledgeable in general. I’m glad I found her, even after 18 years of misery, the motto is: better late than never. I feel very much refurbished and certainly like the fact that it was not a psychological problem; there were certainly solutions I had never aniticipated.
Dear Sytske, thanks

T. Dijkstra, November 2015
One Saturday I came across Sytske and I told her that three years ago my uterus was removed, and about the complaints that I had experienced since. In March 2015 I had another surgery. Then the internal and external hemorrhoids were removed. My stool was seriously disturbed by all these operations. Sytske said: “Just come along my practice.” My response was: “Actually, I won’t because I accept everything as it is now.” I already was happy that I saw much improvement but Sytske insisted and said that I had to come anyway. I decided that it always was worth a try.
After our summer holiday I went. It was somewhat exciting because I did not know what Sytske would do. I filled in all kinds of surveys and then she put my tailbone straight. Directly I felt a difference and I got muscle pain in my legs, an odd feeling. The next day, the pain was gone. I had used bags from the doctor every day to make the bowel movement going; I wanted to get rid of that. After three weeks I went to Sytske again. I told her about the positive changes but that I still was attached to the bags. She again looked at the tailbone and loosened up everything around it.
A few days later I found out that I had forgotten to take a bag. I was shocked. Yet it went well with the stool. I thought, “This can not be real.” I decided that I wouldn’t take no bag either the next day; but with the thought that it could go totally wrong again. To my great surprise the next day I had normal bowel movements, while I didn’t need bags for the stool. And so it continued: every day without bags and still a normal bowel movement. In advance I did not believe it was possible but now I know that a miracle has occurred through the treatment of Sytske!
Sytske thanks a lot, as well as our Heavenly Father who works through this treatment!

Karin, October 2015
During pregnancy I encountered already problems with my backbone and back. A visit to a physiotherapist didn’t help: I had to watch my posture etc. After delivery, I had even more trouble with my rump. I could not sit for a long time and after a long walk pain in the rump and lower back arised. Someone gave me the mail address of this practice and I e-mailed for information and an appointment. I did not have much confidence in the results because my previous visits to a physiotherapist had not been really successful, but I thought it was worth trying. During the first appointment it immediately became clear that my tailbone was askew. After a painless treatment it was straight again and I noticed the difference right away. After two treatments, everything seems back to normal and I feel good! Thank you Sytske!
Greetings Karin 

S.K., September 2015
In 2012 I gave birth to our first child. After delivery, I had a fissure (a tear in the anus). This was treated with cream and bags to hold the stool smooth. Although the fissure was not healed, the pain during bowel movements and sitting on a chair was bearable. When I gave birth to our 2nd child in 2014 the fissure was further torn. I started again with bags and cream. This helped insufficiently. While sitting and during my stools the pain got worse. Halfway through 2014 I even had to go the hospital for botox injections in my anus to help relax the fissure and to decrease the pain.
After that it seemed to go better, I stopped taking all medication. After one day all was torn apart again. Back in the hospital I was told I had a predisposition and just had to accept that this was part of me and it would not go away. “The bags to keep your stools soft, you have to use the rest of your life” I was told by the surgeon at the hospital. There was I, a young girl of 32 in the prime of her life and then you hear from the surgeon at the hospital that I just had to accept it? Before I was pregnant I never had problems with my stool. I could not accept it …. because I found myself too young. Through my chiropractor Marcia (chiropractice Borger) I arrived at Sytske. I remember that I was weeping with her about what the hospital told me while I still had a lot of pain during bowel movements and sitting. Sytske heard my story, grabbed me and said, “Girl, I’m going to help you out of it, you will be fine.” The first time Sytske put my backbone put straight right away. Now, nearly four years after the beginning of my fissure I can say, the fissure is gone. My complaints are 100% gone. Sytske, I’m so glad you came my way. I hope my story actually reaches obstetricians, surgeons, GPs and other specialists. There is indeed something to do with a fissure instead of remain greasing with cream and pouches to keep the stool soft. Sytske dear, you’re a winner with a big heart for your patients. Even though I had to drive from far to come to you, I am thrilled that I did. Thanks for everything!

Marijke, August 2015
About four years ago I had pain in my head and neck from where the pain irratiated to my whole body. I went to see a chiropractor every week and got exercises. But this was no solution for the problem only a form of pain control. The pain continued so I decided to go to the doctor. He referred me to a psychosomatic Physical therapist. I went there every week for six months but without result. Again I was referred to the doctor, this time for Mensendieck therapy. I went for half a year and there were soms inprovements but eventually I was disappointed there too. The doctor had no other solution and I was referred to the hospital. There I had some blood tests in the heel, X-ray were made and a MRI. Again all without results…. they thought it could be fibromyalgia, what nothing to do about it. The doctor advised me to do hynptherapy and yoga, but that was not the anwer were I was waiting for. I wanted to know where the pain came from and what the solution was. I had stopped exercising because that caused too musch physical pain. Because I dit sport, with caution, I decided to go to the spots Physio. That went well for a while, but was no solution for my pain. At a certain point my mother told me that she had met Sytske and talked to her that I should come over to her practice. I read the experiences of former patients, and still I hardly dared to hope that I would pian free ever again. I even dit nog remember how it developed because for more than four years I have had pain every day. After the first treatment at Sytske’s practice I immediatly felt that something changed. I could stretch further and walking was different I was stunned that finally, after so meny visits, I actually had found something that helped. I still had lots of pain before I actually cured because my body had to get used to the new position of my tailbone. For the past few weeks I’ve been on holiday and I went hiking painless! I’m still not quite there but I have lots of hope and am already very satisfied about the improvements. Dear Sytske, thanks for your good care and explanations! (Like I promised you will still get another piece of my cake).
Love, Marijke (18 years)

Kim, August 2015
During my pregnancy, I was soon suffering from my coccyx and later of my pelvis. I went to the physio and got exercises to lessen the pain. This went well but unfortunately I was not pain free. After my delivery, I hoped that the pain would be over, but it was not. Luckily I was told about your practice by someone. 9 weeks after giving birth I contacted you. I could make an appointment within a week! My tailbone was put right and now I am pain free! Really quite superb and that after one treatment! Thanks!

Carmen, July 2015
After a difficult delivery my symptoms remained violently present for some time. I had pelvic instability and a sore tailbone.
After the first consultation with Sytske I felt so much better! Amazing what a difference. I simply had no pain anymore and went ‘hopping’ from her practice. After a time the complaints came back but by a lesser extent. After several consultations and doing ,exercises at home I felt great! Just no more pain! You’re a winner Sytske!
Sincerely, Carmen 

Michel, July 2015
After two years under treatment at the chiropractice Borger I still had several severe back and neck problems. I went trough a heavy tracjectory of treatment with great success. All direct threats of hernia and the many pains I had were left behind. The only thing that could not be brought under control was my pelvic instability and a frequent resulting pain when sitting down. By the chiropractic Borger I was directed to the practice “Victory” to be treated there. And much to my amazement, this problem was already solved in the first session. Hard to believe but true. With both treatments together I now hope to recover fast with regard to my last complaints. I respect both ladies very much for how they have helped me. Thanks for that. 

Tim, April 2015
When I was twelve I fell while playing soccer. Then the misery began. I suffered from pain in my tailbone, hips, back and shoulders. In my twenties I still had a lot of pain often. I ended up at Sytske through an acquaintance. After the first treatment Sytske has put my tailbone straight. Eight weeks later my shoulders were pain free. The treatments have helped me very well.
Sytske, thank you very much for the wonderful treatments! 

Cobi, April 2015
My name is Cobi de Vries, I was born in 1951. Since 1987 I have problems with my back. Photos and scans were made but there was nothing to see or find. I did physiotherapy, had a rehabilitation physician and manual therapy, but nothing helped. I went to a chiropractor in January 1992. Since that time I went every two months. Often the pain got violent and I could be found at the chiropractor every week. The chiropractor could help me out of pain temporarily, but they did not understand why the lower vertebrae shifted again and the pain came back repeatedly. And if the lower vertebrae are not good, it affects all spine.
In June 2014 they advised me to go to Sytske in Veendam. The chiropracter suspected that the tailbone was not right and that the warping was the cause of the lower vertebrae. So I got an appointment with Sytske’s practice: she found that the tailbone was indeed very askew and could solve it with a painless treatment. Sytske told that this was the cause of my years of back problems. I could not believe it !! Something as simple as that would take away all my symptoms?
After four months I still had not gone back to the chiropractor. However, Sytske teached me how to relax the muscles, which over the years had reacted wrongly. In October 2014 it was the last time I came tot the practice.
Unfortunately I had a setback. I rode on a bike when I got hit by a motocycler who did not see me. I smacked with my head on the sreet, had five broken ribs as well as a broken collarbone. As it turned out, also the tailbone was again standing askew! I noticed this because the back pain came back again after the fractures were healed.
Then in February I went back to Sytske, she again put my tailbone straight. Treatment by the chiropractor was also necessary again to put the vortices straight that were shifted.
Now it is April 2015. Thursday, the 9th, I said goodbye to Sytske! The chiropractor will see me once again in June for a review. And I? I am thrilled and deeply grateful!
I do not understand why other doctors did not figured this out! Something so simple, so easy to fix! I went almost 30 years with unnecessary pain!
When I told the therapist that I needed to massage my ribs and collarbone, he responded: ‘Well, there are different views …’ In other words: he did it not wanted to understand either!
Sytske and Marcia (the chiropractor), thank you very very much! 

Agnes, April 2015
After the birth of my son I couldn’t lift my legs anymore and I had trouble getting up and sitting down. My midwife referred me to Sytske. When I came to Sytske for the first time, she saw very quickly that my tailbone was askew. She put it straight right away and I walked out of her practice a lot easier. Sytske told me that a tailbone really can not stand askew without a reason. Unfortunately, I am an exception to this rule and half a year later my tailbone was again askew. This time I had a lot of pain when lifting my legs, sitting, standing and I couldn’t lift heavy things. I called Sytske right away and she put my tailbone straight again. I noticed immediately that the result was good again. I experienced this already five times and I am therefore very happy that I know Sytske. It’s annoying that my tailbone becomes tilted every six months but it’s always fun to go to Sytske!

Kirsten, april 2015
In November I got involved in a car accident. Since then I had a lot of neck, back and rump complaints. Through physical therapy my neck and back problems have been corrected. My tailbone turned out to be shifted to the right and I was directed to Sytske. Through my askew tailbone I had pain when sitting, bending, sneezing, laughing and going to the toilet. I could hardly to sustain a longer than 40 minutes drive.
At the first visit, Sytske put my tailbone straight right away. It was a pain-free treatment. After the visit I had muscle pain in my buttocks for two weeks becaus they had been stuck for a few months, because of the position of the tailbone. After two weeks, the muscle pain was over over. Sytske thank you very much !!
Greetings Kirsten 

M, March 2015
Hello Sytske,
Again I want to thank you very much for your great therapy.
After many decades I went from a very difficult bowel movement to one without troubles. Hooray!
From very many small plashes (at least two times per hour) I went to hours without urge and now I even have whole nights of sleep quite often. Hooray!
At my doctor I left your business card in the hope that many people will make use of it. 

april 2015
Hallo Sytske,
Na jarenlang in het ziekenhuis te hebben gelopen met ons zoontje van 10 en de meest verschrikkelijke mogelijke diagnoses te hebben gehad zijn we via een heel andere weg bij Sytske terecht gekomen. De klachten waren darmproblemen (diarree), veel misselijkheid, een beschadigde slokdarm door een niet goed sluitende maagklep en heel veel migraine. Er waren dagen bij dat hij i.p.v. lopend, kruipend uit bed kwam. Het schoolverzuim was enorm. Tevens had hij vanuit het ziekenhuis een dieet van 2500 calorieën om op gewicht te blijven. Er was sprake van een groeiachterstand. Wekelijks wordt hij behandeld door een kinderfysiotherapeut. Inmiddels had hij vanuit het ziekenhuis een afspraak bij de psychiater over acceptatie en leren leven met beperkingen.
Toen kwamen we bij Sytske. Na het rechtzetten van het stuitje was er meteen reactie, waaronder migraine. Dat zakte snel weer af. En het resultaat was verbluffend! Diezelfde avond ging hij zonder klachten naar bed. Dit kwam nooit voor. En het resultaat bleef. Een lichte hoofdpijn, die eerst bleef hangen, verdween na de tweede behandeling. De kinderfysiotherapeut was verbaasd door het verschil in beweging. Het ging ineens stukken beter. De spieren moeten nog uit de verkramping komen waarin ze gekomen zijn door jarenlang scheef moeten werken. Maar dat is een kleinigheidje vergeleken met alle problemen die er waren. En ook dat gaat al voorspoedig.
Hier zouden veel meer artsen en onderzoekers bij moeten aanhaken.
Dank je wel, lieve Sytske

M, March 2015
Hello Sytske,
Again I want to thank you very much for your great therapy.
After many decades I went from a very difficult bowel movement to one without troubles. Hooray!
From very many small plashes (at least two times per hour) I went to hours without urge and now I even have whole nights of sleep quite often. Hooray!
At my doctor I left your business card in the hope that many people will make use of it. 

Jolanda, maart 2015
Na vorig jaar aan m’n darmen te zijn geopereerd, kwam ik toen ik net thuis was op m’n stuitje te vallen. Na een paar maanden bijna niet te kunnen zitten en nachten wakker te hebben gelegen door de pijn, enorme druk van onder, kwam m’n chirurg er achter dat mijn stuitje scheef stond. Hij verwees me door naar Sytske. Gelukkig kon ze me snel inplannen. Na een gesprek heeft ze me binnen een paar minuten van de ergste pijn af kunnen helpen. Ik was zo overrompeld door dit snelle succes. Nu, een paar uur later, voel ik me als herboren. Ik heb nog wel meerdere behandelingen te gaan maar dit is al zo geweldig. Normaal had ik alweer morfine tegen de pijn moeten nemen en dat heb ik vandaag nog niet gehad. ontzettend bedankt al voor dit eerste begin.
Groeten Jolanda

Herman, February 2015
After years of back problems, surgeries, and also more and more shoulder problems in October last year I went on the advice of my chiropractor to Sytske. I had physical therapy and pain management. However, a large proportion of the symptoms was found to be caused by my askew tailbone !!
Immediately after the first treatment I noticed the results. I always had pain in my left leg with tingles and cold feet.
It was a very simple treatment. But specialists have never seen it before and won’t believe ….
I do running now and feel a lot better.
Greetings from Herman 

Richard, February 2015
Hello, I am male and 46 years young. For over 15 years I had problems when urinating. Herefore I have been to the hospital urologist several times. Eventually, after yet another investigation, I was referred to a pelvic floor therapist. Already after the first treatment in practice Victory I got rid of all the problems. I had only three treatments in total to solve the other problems it caused as well (pain in the gluteal muscle). The cause was in fact an askew tailbone. That that caused so many problems I could not imagine. During the 1st visit a clear analysis was made of my complaints. After this the therapist quickly found the cause. The first few days I could not believe that the problem had disappeared like snow in the sun.
I am actually very grateful for the given treatments. 

Leticia November 2014
I was about 13 years old when my back problems started. I was often sent to the physiotherapist but without success! After my second birth giving the back problems became very bad. I could not sit, stand up, turn over in bed, or coming out of bed without help. The pain was unbearable. I also had pelvic problems. Through my midwife I came into contact with Sytske. She came to me directly and it turned out that my tailbone was askew. I do not know what she did to me, with her turning and pressing, but I could sit and walk straight at once. After each treatment it got better. She is a miracle in my life because after eight treatments I don’t have back problems anymore, that I had for many years, and my pelvis does not hurt anymore!
Thank Sytske, you’re a real therapist and also the best! 

Betty, November 2014
After my hip surgery I got resultant physical therapy but I was not able to do ground exercises. This was because of the pain in my tailbone. It already had hurted for a long time. Actually I had this since the birth of our last child, now ± 40 years ago; especially when sitting on hard surfaces. The physiotherapist directed me to the pelvic physiotherapy practice Victory.
There it turned out that the vertebrae in the tailbone was not in the proper position. Because of this the muscles were not used in the right way. After the tailbone was put in the correct position, she started with stimulating the muscles which hadn’t had any effect for years. Also the muscles that had to regain strength from hip surgery, were taken along. The muscles were stimulated by a steel pin that gave a very quick puncture. You feel this but the pain goes away quickly. After the treatment it took about two days to notice the result. After several treatments I could sit for some time on a hard surface. Even while driving, normally I had to quit after one hour to relieve the pain, now I could keep it up to 2 hours. After 12 treatments, we stopped physiotherapy because the symptoms became so light that I now can sustain with the exercises I do at home. 

Jose, November 2014
Since 8.5 year I had a lot of pain in my right hip. I sag and was in pain when walking and standing still. I had X-rays and a bone scan but there was nothing to be found; perhaps a psychiatrist could do something for me. Never I had felt this misunderstood.
Then I arrived at Sytske and she took my story seriously and offered me to help. Finally I found someone who wanted to help me. Then I had to wait to see if she really could help me, and she could. My tailbone had stood askew after a difficult delivery. After nine treatments, I’m renewed without pain.
Thank you for all the pep talks and understanding I received from you and my pain free body. I had forgotten how that felt.
Keep up welcoming people to receive your fantastic treatments.
Love Jose 

Lucy, August 2014
Pregnant and pelvic complaints … no fun and also very inconvenient because you don’t want your body to counteract.
I arrived at Sytske and she explained some issues. For example how does your pelvis work and what actually is going on? I had no idea. Sytske knew exactly what to do with me. I came lopsided and struggling into her practice and when I walked out the door after the very first treatment I felt much better! Unbelieveable! Very bizarre. After a few treatments it kept improving … Sytske also had made scans of “before” and “after” the treatment. There was a clear difference and more importantly, it felt good!

We also had many nice conversations. Sytske made me realize that body and mind are really well connected. Listen to your body and act accordingly …
Meanwhile, I am a beautiful daughter richer and the symptoms have disappeared!
Sytske, thank you very much! I hope you can help many people for a long time. You are doing a fantastic job!
Love, Lucy 

Eric, June 2014
My experience with physiotherapist Sytske Lohof-Venema begun with a very positive story of a colleague of mine. I had a collision with the tow bar of my own car and my tailbone got askew (which I did not know). The symptoms got worse and I went to my GP, who said it needed time – and perhaps much time – for it would get better. I ended up in the hospital for a scan. The result was that no fracture was found and therefore no follow-up action was undertaken. Cycling was no longer possible and a few times a week I had a headache. I had a conversation with a colleague and he advised me to go to Sytske. After a phone call, and unfortunately a long wait, I went to Sytske. A few days after the first treatment, during which my tailbone was put straight again, I noticed that the complaints were mostly gone. In total I spent three visits to her practice, and now I can road bike again with lots of fun. My life got a healthy twist again.
Sytske, again many thanks for the good treatment.
Regards Eric

M.T., May 2014
Year ago, after a misstep, my vertebrae and SI joints were not standing right. These were put right but it still continued to hurt and I often had headaches. Also I suffered from incontinence and other vague symptoms. I thought this came from getting older until I encountered Sytske. She told me my tailbone was askew. After Sytske put it straight, I noticed right away that I walked easier and could sit straight and relax. By now my muscles are not cramped anymore, everything works again and I just love the fact that I have no headache!
I am happy and grateful that I encountered Sytske. 

Geertruida, March 2014
A super experience. For years I had problems with my back. Sytske has put my tailbone straight and I am doing great now. She’s so sweet and ordinary.
Thank you, Sytske 

Daisy, March 2014
For years I suffered from problems in my lower back and rump. Since the pregnanc of my oldest son, I couldnt sit on a chair longer than ten minutes. Before I got up, I had to wiggle back and forth and even then I had lots of pain standing up. My sister advised me to go to Sytske. At the first treatment my tailbone appeared to be skewed. Sytske put it straight and ever since I can sit on a chair normally again and lift stuff without pain in my tailbone. My lower back pain is also greatly reduced and the exercises I’ve learned I continue to do because the pain that I sometimes have (because of associated muscles) then disappears. I have plenty of energy again and can do anything I want. What a relief.  

Bouwina, february 2014
For a long time I have been bothered by my right hip. The doctor noted that it was bursitis. I got a lot of painkillers and injections. Everything helped just for a little while. After many years of ups and downs and lots of pain I talked to someone who advised me to go to Sytske. I emailed Sytske and asked her if she could do anything for me and she offered to take a look at is. I went there and Sytske came to the conclusion that my tailbone was askew. She put it back and right away it felt much lighter. So it turned out that I had bursitis because my tailbone was not in place. After years of pain and sleepless nights I can do everything again without pain. I sleep again. What a pleasure.