Our team

Our team includes:

Sytske Lohof-Venema (BIG-number 59916458904)
Sytske is a registered Pelvic Physical therapist MSPT and has been working in the practice since May 2011.
She owns the practice.



Anneke Stoker-de Boer (BIG-nummer 19033166804)
Anneke has been a  physiotherapist for 35 years and is working for our practice since June 2022.
She specializes in pelvic floor and pregnancy related  conditions. She has taken a combination of courses in these. Anneke is a lifestylecoach and orthomolecuair therapist.



Harmina Uil-Heersema
Harmina has been working in the practice since October 2013 as a medical secretary.
She makes appointments for new patients and does various administrative activities.