NIMOC course

Course: Non-Invasive Mobilization of the Coccyx (NIMOC) by coccydynia; 
Tailbone pain in the Pelvic Physical practice

Tailbone pain or coccydynia is common. Peope often have symtpoms for many years. These patients come to the Pelvical Physical therapist and until recently there were not many treatment options. In case of coccydynia one typically sees a position deviation of the coccyx relative to the sacrum, often as a result of a fall or after delivery, which occured a short or a long time ago. With a mild non invasive technique, the position of the coccyx can be restored with the “Non-Invasive Mobilization Of the Coccyx (NIMOC)”. Immediatly after this treatment, it often happens that there is a noticeable difference when sitting, bending, or running. But also the measurements changing mostly direct. Most of the time it is of the essence to treat also the rest of the chain. This will also be discussed in the course. It is also striking that patients with pelvic, back or groin pain, but also people with anus cramp, constipation, dysfunctional voiding, dyspareunie usually have a deformity of the coccyx and by using NIMOC there is an improvement in their symptoms. 



  • A registrered Pelvical Physical therapist knows the anatomy of the pelvis (floor) muscles
  • A registrered Pelvical Physical therapist is knowlegable of the research into the state of the coccyx towards the sacrum
  • A registrered Pelvical Physical therapist knows the ‘Non-Invasive Mobilization Of the Coccyx’ (NIMOC) treatment
  • A registrered Pelvical Physical therapist can assess how the rest of the chain plays a role and can deal with this
  • A registrered Pelvical Physical therapist understands that in case of pelvical problems, the position of the coccyx often plays a role


Practical information
The course is a one-day course:

  • A brief introduction to the anatomy of the pelvic and sacrococcygeal area
  • Scientific results
  • Use of clinical instruments
  • Examination of the state of the coccyx
  • Treating the coccyx (NIMOC)
  • Treating the chain
  • Application in the Pelvical Physical practice.




  • Sytske Lohof-Venema, MSPT Pelvic Physical Therapist
  • Marijke C. Ph. Slieker-ten Hove, Pelvic Physical Therapist
  • Aryanne Kolsters, MSPT, Pelvic Physical Therapist

Cours date
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The course can also be given in-company upon request.

Course location
Postillon Hotel Dordrecht
Rijksstraatweg 30
3316 EH Dordrecht

Return day
A return day is normally from 09:00 am – 12:00 am. For repeat the NIMOC technique
and also treatment the rest of the complaints.

And there is also a possibility to take your own patient to the course.
For further information please contact ProFundum-Educatie.