What is NIMOC ?

NIMOC is the abbreviation used for Non-Invasive Mobilization of the Coccyx. This is the non-invasive technique used to treat the coccyx. In plain English this is the repositioning of an abnormal position of the coccyx using a very mild, external mobilization technique. This mobilization is performed in a seated position and is rarely painful or difficult for the patient. 


The position of the coccyx can become abnormal by a fall on the buttocks or a birth. This can be acute but sometimes it can have occurred many years ago and can  lead to a worsening of complaints over time. And who hasn’t at one time or another as a child landed (too) hard on their buttocks when coming of a slide or falling on the ice during skating?


NIMOC is a ‘new’ treatment method by physiotherapists (specialized in treatment of the pelvic problems) to treat back pain, pelvic pain and coccydinia. This method gives the physiotherapist an extra treatment method to help patients with coccydinia, pelvic and groin pain and cramping in the anus region with astonishing results. Also the patients with urine and bowel incontinence, pain during sex and other bowel and bladder problems, for example voiding problems, see amazing improvements with this method. Furthermore, patients often experience lesser lower back pain.

When the coccyx is not in line with the spine we often see that patients with lowerback pain can not stand or sit for longer periods of time but also experience pain when standing up from a seated position.

NIMOC isl a standalone treatment but is often combined with trigger point treatments. Trigger points are knots in the muscles that can be very painful and are treated by giving pressure on these points or with dry needling techniques. With dry needling a very thin needle is inserted in the trigger points and will release the tension in the muscle.

It is a common occurence that patients with serious pain complaints, sometimes for more than 10 years, experience enormous pain relief after a NIMOC treatment or even become pain free.