Bowel problems

The pelvic floor plays an essential role in stopping and passing the stool and flatulence. Of course, the composition of the feces is important in this respect. During the treatment we focus on the function of the pelvic floor and on the right balance between fluid and fiber.

In case of bowel problems, the pelvic floor muscles do not function properly. The pelvic floor can have a too high and a too low tension, or have an improper coordination. The anus and sphincter muscles are part of the pelvic floor. 

If the anus muscle is too weak, the following symtomts may occur:

  • loss of thin or firm stools
  • leakage of fluid from the anus
  • loss of flatulence
  • difficulty stopping or delaying flatulence
  • the bulging of the mucous membrane from the anus

If the anus muscle has too much tension, the following symptoms may occur:

  • difficult to loose and / or straining very hard stool
  • an incomplete loss of stool or the feeling that there remains stool
  • hemorrhoids, anal fissures, blood loss
  • pain or itching in the anus
  • anus cramp
  • the outward bulging of the anal mucous membrane by pressing hard.